Filter content in a Drupal View with AJAX

When displaying Drupal content through Views you’d sometimes like the user to be able to dynamically filter the content from a list of links. Ajax is already part of Drupal 8 Views. This is how you change the default <select> list into themable links.

In a previous post I've written about how you can do this same thing in Drupal 7. This time around we are going to explore how it can be done in Drupal 8, which is currently in beta (8.0.0-beta15).

Sanitize names of uploaded files in WordPress

Nothing worse than user contributed image files with strange (non-english) characters in the file name right? Here's what you can do about it in WordPress.

If you are working with WordPress Sites in non-english languages, like for instance Swedish, like I am, sometimes there can be a world if pain when moving sites between hosts if the file names include non-standard charachters such as åÅ, äÄ, öÖ. The images appear as broken, becuase something with the file name encoding happens along the way.

Adding Apple touch icons to your Drupal 7 theme

What is an apple touch icon? It's basically the same thing as the good old favicon.ico. Only it is specifically targeted for Apples iOS devices. This is how you add touch icons to your drupal 7 theme.

An Apple touch icon is the image being used when someone bookmarks a page or adds it to their homescreen. The most prominent exposure I get to touch icons is when I'm opening a new window or tab on my iphone, then I'm usually presented with a neat looking collection of icons from the web sites I frequent often.

Pimp your Espresso

I do all my CSS with LESS and Espresso right now. So it is essential for me to have Less Syntax in Espresso. Here is the best "sugar" I've found for Espresso so far (see attached file).

Pimp your Espresso  I found it through this link