This is how you install Drupal Console

Drupal Console is a command line tool derived from the Symfony Console and let's you debug, and interact with Drupal as well as create "boilerplate" code.

Once you've installed Drupal Console you should be able use it to create modules and services among other things. A nice time saver. This is how you install it. 

1. Use your Terminal to download the latest version of Drupal Console

curl -L -o drupal.phar

2. Verify that the drupal.phar file works

Drupal 8 Learning Series: 1. Create a child theme

Where should an aspiring web developer who wants to try out Drupal 8 begin? In a series of posts I’ll walk you through a few basic exercises to help you get acquainted with Drupal 8.

If you’re already a real pro scooting around D8 in your coding skills equivalent of a jetski – this content is clearly not for you. But if you feel a bit lost where to start and want to try out some basic Drupal development you’re welcome to read along.

Filter content in a Drupal View with AJAX

When displaying Drupal content through Views you’d sometimes like the user to be able to dynamically filter the content from a list of links. Ajax is already part of Drupal 8 Views. This is how you change the default <select> list into themable links.

Update 2018-01-05: Some of my readers have had trouble getting this to work properly. So I've added a demo module that you can download from GitHub to get working code including a preconfigured view. Remember to clear Drupals' cache after installing it.