I do all my CSS with LESS and Espresso right now. So it is essential for me to have Less Syntax in Espresso. Here is the best "sugar" I've found for Espresso so far (see attached file).

I found it through this link http://wiki.macrabbit.com/forums/viewthread/973/P15/#5484. Installlation instructions:
• rename folder to cellfusion-LESS.sugar
• double-click
• restart of Espresso

For other coding tasks I use Sublime 2. The reason I use Espresso for CSS, is the /* @group NAME-SOMETHING */ comments, which let you navigate quickly and easily through your CSS. But since I've grown accustomed to Sublime I also want a different theme than the default for Espresso. So far I've used the "D is for Dark" Theme, found here: http://dermotholmes.com/13054/292431/home/d-is-for-dark-espresso-editor-theme D_is_for_dark_Espresso_theme.zip cellfusion-LESS.sugar-27318f0.zip